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Cancer Awareness Video and Cancer Screening information

Local 22 has produced a “Cancer Awareness” Video that tells the story of 2 of our own and the daily struggles they face. John Larkin and Mike Polek were brave enough to share their stories so others can learn.

Click on the link below to see the Video about our 2 Heroes.

Local 22’s Health Plan recognizes that our members are more likely to have contact with cancer causing exposures then the general population.

Due to are high exposure rates Local 22’s Health Plan has partnered with NDS to provide Health Screenings for a 5 week period running from July 15 through August 16 for Local 22 Active members to be held at Local 22’s hall. Make appointments by going on line at http://ndsscheduling.liveeditaurora.com

or call (248) 476-6980.

Local 22’s Health Plan has also started to offer Lung Cancer Screening to “Retiree members of the Health Plan” in June with the intention to make it available in the fall to the Active members through Temple University Hospital. Lung Cancer Screenings can be scheduled by calling (215) 707-8800 – Monday – Friday – 8:00am to 6:00pm


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