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Hearing / Epic

The Hearing Aid benefit is a member – only benefit. You may receive 100% of the cost of a hearing aid, up to a maximum of $500 per ear, one time every 5 years.

Member Process Flow

  1. Initiation – Member contacts the call center toll free at 866-956-5400
  2. Registration and Referral – EPIC hearing counselor registers member and issues referral to local participating provider.
  3. Payment Process – After the patient is seen, provider sends hearing aid recommendation with patient’s audiometric results to EPIC. EPIC will contact patient to discuss recommendation; insurance coverage; and any applicable out-of-pocket expense with payment and financing options.
  4. Fitting and Trial Period – The hearing aid(s) are ordered by the provider. The patient is fit with the hearing aid(s) beginning their 45 day trial period.
  5. Finalization – At the completion of the 45 day trial period both the patient and the provider sign off on the hearing aid(s). The patient is then mailed a complimentary one year supply of batteries and his / her repair warranty is extended to 3 years.

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FAQ – Hearing Benefit 

Does the Health Plan offer a Hearing benefit?

YES – Hearing Healthcare (this is a member-only benefit. Dependents, including spouses, are not eligible for this benefit)

The Health Plan offers a hearing healthcare benefit through EPIC hearing. The Plan provides the following hearing benefit:

  • Hearing Exam: $70 allowance once every 2 years. You can use any provider you want, but if you use an EPIC participating provider, the hearing exam is covered in full and you have no out of pocket expense.
  • Hearing Aids: $500 per ear once every 5 years

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