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Medicare Part B Reimbursement.



Medicare Part B Reimbursement is a benefit that Local 22 has provided to retirees/spouses since January 2017. The Union successfully bargained for the City to reimburse the Health Plan for this reimbursement with the  July 2017 ACT 111 award. In the award the City agreed to contribute to the Health Fund the retiree’s Medicare Part B premium plus the cost of the retiree’s/ and or spouse’s health coverage for so long as the retiree is eligible.

Local 22 Health Plan will reimburse the retiree / spouse on a calendar quarterly basis for the Part B premium they are paying for their Medicare coverage.

It is the retiree / spouse responsibility to apply for their Medicare coverage and report the premium to the Health Plan in a timely manner. It is also the retiree / spouse responsibility to report any changes to their premium in a timely manner in order for their reimbursement totals to be adjusted.

Proof of premium can be in the form of a bill from Medicare or the page in your Social Security statement that shows the Medicare Part B deduction from the Social Security benefit.

This proof only has to be submitted one time. The only time we need additional information is when the premium changes.

Retroactive increases in your premium reimbursement due to your failure to provide notice to the Health Plan of the increase will not exceed 1 quarter.


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