Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

215 440-4421 / 22

415 N 5th St. Philadelphia., PA 19123.

OFFICE HOURS - Mon - Thursday - 8:00am - 4:00pm     Friday - 8:00am - 3:00pm

After Hours HEALTH PLAN issue call 215-440-4426

CRISIS HOT LINE -215-440-4449 SUICIDE HOT LINE 800-273-8255 or 988

Transparency in Coverage

Health plan price transparency helps consumers know the cost of a covered item or service before receiving care. 

As of July 1, 2022, Local 22’s Health Plan is mandated to provide in-network and out-of-network machine readable files available to the public. 

Below are the links to those files.  For more information, please click on the link that corresponds to your plan coverage:


AmeriHealth HMO: <https://link.edgepilot.com/s/4e435f0a/2ckcmv_M_kWMXxMyVPMnQw?u=https://www.amerihealth.com/transparency-in-coverage/6045?key=3VyjyJs4zjZouukWfYG%2BbzLE1oZuvS9ujKjkkzaTdX3mYXD2RHDZCvGhbiG8Z4jaw1Wiv6QyCa5lv4Uor2oDYQ=%3D>


Keystone HMO: <https://link.edgepilot.com/s/8ec66d66/_32w0zFMWky-njkCcsTS8Q?u=https://www.ibx.com/transparency-in-coverage/6045?key=lplzfYsa46U2vffLogTGCoM/FOlTwwolr5A5UyyS9JaO0HJECeFnwbQ/UWh4pkmvFbcEXk9xwI2dfAypKFt5fA=%3D>



Personal Choice PPO: <https://link.edgepilot.com/s/75e65079/4kCYnuotIU6PTwryEqac-Q?u=https://www.ibx.com/transparency-in-coverage/6045?key=HgbUUG6T59etwpNGEWRWJR1FfCi8pzNwZex8aWibdXZP7OweH2mzzuqQL0inaRdAS73hef2E3o%2BWDbtpkxYY>


These files will be updated automatically by the 10th of every month. 



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