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College Tuition Benefits Reward


Independence Blue Cross has introduced a College Tuition Benefit Rewards program that is available to all their subscribers. This program is offered at no cost to you.

We’ve included a description of the program and recommend you log on to www.ibx.CollegeTuitionBenefit.com. When you log on to this program you must use CID 6045 and the member ID from your Blue Cross card – numbers only. Do not use any letters. For additional information and answers to questions about how this all works.  Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • Members enrolled  in the program automatically earn $2,000 in annual Tuition Rewards
  • One Tuition Rewards point = $1 guaranteed minimum reduction in full tuition
  • The Tuition Rewards can be used at over 350 institutions across the county, including over 50 college and universities in Pennsylvania
    • A full list of the participating colleges and universities is on the website and we expect even more educational institutions to be added
  • You can provide this benefit to your child, step-child, niece, nephew, grandchild o You can enroll more than 1 child in the program
    • This program is not available to you or to your spouse
    • This program is not available to a child who is already in college or who is starting 12th grade this year
    • This benefit is for undergraduate study only

Important Deadline

Students must be added to the program by August 24th of the year that the student begins 11th grade. So if  you  are interested  in this  free enrollment  and the  child  you wish  to  enroll  will be starting 11th grade this year, you only have a few  weeks to  make sure you log on to www.ibx.CollegeTuitionBenefit.com and enroll.

Earn Tuition Rewards®, at no cost, as an Independence Blue Cross subscriber.

As a subscriber of Independence Blue Cross (Independence) you will earn Tuition Rewards that can be used to pay for up to one year’s tuition at a SAGE Scholars’ member college. There are over 350 private colleges and universities across the nation in the SAGE Consortium, and 80 percent of SAGE colleges have received an “America’s Best” ranking by U.S. News and World Report. This value-added benefit is being provided to you by your employer and Independence at no cost to you.

What you can expect from the College Tuition Benefit?

  • One Tuition Rewards point = $1 guaranteed minimum reduction in full tuition.
  • 2,000 Tuition Rewards points are given to each Independence subscriber when he or she registers an eligible student or students. Subscriber Tuition Rewards can be allocated to any registered child.
  • 500 Tuition Rewards points are given to each child registered. Student Tuition Rewards can only be used by the specific student.
  • 2,000 additional Tuition Rewards points are given to the subscriber annually in the month following the medical plan’s renewal.
  • 2,500 bonus Tuition Rewards® points are given to the subscriber in the month following the health plan’s third renewal (4th year), for a total reward of 4,500 for that year.
Policy Year Subscriber Rewards Subscriber’s Rewards Balance (balance does not accrue interest)
Initial Registration, Subscriber & Student Rewards 2,500 (2,000 + 500)
2 2,000 4,500
3 2,000 6,500
4 4,500 11,000
5 2,000 13,000
6 2,000 15,000
7 2,000 17,000

In this example, if the child attends a participating SAGE Scholars College, the published full price tuition will be reduced by at least $17,000 spread evenly over four years of undergraduate education.

Important Information

  • Following enrollment in an Independence health plan, subscribers receive a welcome email. Please check your spam folder. If you do not receive a welcome email, please contact admin@CollegeTuitionBenefit.com.
  • The welcome email is notification that an online account is established. Subscribers can log in to see the points posted to their account and add additional students as they wish. If you do not log in to your account in the first six months, your Tuition Rewards points may be reduced.
  • Eligible students include children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and step children.
  • The maximum rewards you can use, per registered student, cannot exceed one year’s tuition at a participating school.     Families do not select a college ahead of time.
  • Each Tuesday, registered employees receive Market Cap and Gown, an e-newsletter that details events and topics related to college financing, and notifies employees of new colleges in the network.

Deadline Dates

  • A child must be registered by August 24 of the year he or she enters the 11th grade in high school.
  • The scholarship points are held in the subscriber’s account until transferred to a registered child. When subscribers have a student in 11th grade, they will be emailed and asked if they want to pledge some or all of their Tuition Rewards to the registered student. If they want to use their Tuition Rewards, they must go online before August 24 of the year the student enters 12th grade and transfer Tuition Rewards to that student’s account.

For more info click on the College Tuition Guide.

College tuition guide





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