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Starting September 1, 2022 Local 22 Health Plan has partnered with Value Health to offer our members an option when certain orthopedic surgeries are needed. The Value Health program will connect you and your dependents to:

  • High quality surgeons and orthopedic specialist
  • Top Rated ambulatory surgery centers (ASC)
  • Better health outcomes and excellent patient experience

Some of the advantages of using the Value Health ASC’s are;

  • lower infection rates – ASC’s take you out of the Hospital setting where infection rates are high.
  • specialized services – The ASC’s specialize in the treatment of Orthopedic conditions.
  • convenience and comfort – ASC’s are Clean, roomy and more personal than the typical hospital room with a much better patient to caregiver ratio for you and your dependent.

Value Health Concierge Team supports you from program enrollment to recovery, Including locating in network high quality surgeons and facilities.


To sign up and get started with the Program;


For more information click on the links below.

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